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Mooirivier Medies offers a range of options to meet the full scope of clients needs – risk, affordability and best value for money.

Mooirivier Medies provides excellent service through friendliness, professional skills and excellence. Client’s needs are our priority.

Choosing the perfect medical scheme always seems like a daunting task. With complicated medical jargon used by some platforms, a wide variety of medical aid schemes, and an even wider range of benefit options makes it extremely difficult for you to pick the perfect medical scheme.

Allow us to help you choose the perfect medical scheme option for you.

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Benefits of having a medical aid?

It financially protects you and your family if you suddenly have to pay large, unexpected medical costs.


You can look after your family and focus on early treatments as opposed to waiting until someone is really sick. You also get to choose from a long list of private hospitals instead of having to wait for treatment at public hospitals.


If you have a medical aid, you can usually rest assured that there will be no long delays in your medical treatment if you don’t have funds to pay for it.


Fully accredited by the Council for Medical Schemes - ORG 3987, BR 25778
Authorised Financial Service Provider(FAIS) - FSP 43939