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Give yourself peace of mind with affordable medical aid tailored to you and your family.


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Mooirivier Medies offers a range of options to fully meet customers’ needs – we consider your:

Affordability, and
Best value for money

when finding the best option for your needs. Mooirivier Medies provides excellent service through friendliness, professionalism and excellence. We put the needs of our customers first.

The search for the ideal medical scheme often presents a daunting challenge, riddled with complex terminology and a bewildering array of options. Mooirivier Medies excels in simplifying this process, offering clear, tailored advice to demystify the selection of medical aid schemes.
By focusing on personalized services, a broad spectrum of options, and a passion for helping people, Mooirivier Medies stands ready to guide you towards a medical scheme that fits your life, ensuring your health and financial security are in capable hands.

Benefits of having a medical aid?


Having a medical aid means you’re financially covered and prepared for unexpected medical costs, ensuring you won’t face large bills that could strain your budget. It provides peace of mind and financial security.


A medical aid allows your loved ones to receive timely, quality treatment and choose private hospitals over state facilities. This ensures personlised care, faster access to specialists, and a more comfortable healing environment.


A medical aid provides access to a wide network of doctors, diverse treatment options, and top-notch medical facilities. This ensures comprehensive healthcare, coverage and access to cutting-edge medical technologies.

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