What we do…

Our services to you

Advice on the best option for you
Excellent customer service
As far as the POPIA act allows us, we handle all complaints and enquiries regarding your medical aid
Communication with clients / medical aid regarding contributions, authorisations, changes and benefits
Assist clients in managing their medical aid to maximise benefits

We offer….

Free quotations
Free electronic consultations
Face-to-face consultation @R250 for 1 hour consultation (EFT or Card payment available
Mooirivier Medies is on your doorstep, just a click away!

Book a consultation…

Should you wish to book a consultation with us, follow this link.

Choosing a medical aid

The search for the ideal medical scheme often presents a daunting challenge, riddled with complex terminology and a bewildering array of options. Mooirivier Medies excels in simplifying this process, offering clear, tailored advice to demystify the selection of medical aid schemes.

Our methodology is straightforward yet impactful – assessing each customer’s specific needs, risks, and budget to find the most suitable coverage..

Medical Aid Providers

Should you be interested in any other Medical Aid products / providers not listed here, please give us a call or contact us and we will do our utmost to assist you. The choice alsways remains yours.

Mooirivier Medies is a member of the Mooirivier Group, an association of independent companies that pursue a common mission. Since 1981, Mooirivier has extended its operations through a wide variety of enterprises and today the group serves thousands of clients across Southern Africa.

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